Spanish Colonial Revival Style

December 1, 2008
Station 56

Station 56

Spanish Colonial revival Style
An Early 20th Century Movement

What continues to attract so many home buyers to Silver Lake & Los Feliz ?
Aside from the eclectic mix of people, dramatic hillsides and creative lifestyles,
is the chance to live in a distinctive example of California’s architectural history, a Spanish Colonial Revival Style home. These homes and buildings have made a significant architectural contribution to the flavor of our neighborhood . As well as being the most dominant architectural style in Southern California.

This style represents an architectural movement that began in the early 20th century after the opening of the panama canal and the wide popularity of the novel “Ramona.” It is based on the Spanish Colonial style architecture, which originated in Spain and shares many elements with the very closely-related Mission Revival and Pueblo and Adobe styles of the West and Southwest.
Elements of Moorish architecture are often combined with this style,too. It was popular from approximately 1915 to the 1930’s.

Significant features include terra-cotta pipe roof tiling, arched doorways, the prodigious use of smooth, usually white, stucco wall and chimney finishes, low-pitched or flats and cast concrete decorative ornamentation. Roman or semi-circular arches and window fenestration, wood casement or tall, double–hung windows, some stained glass, canvas awnings, and decorative iron trim and interior courtyards are also characteristics of this style.

There are a multitude of variations and combinations on the Spanish theme in the area ranging from the simple to the highly ornate. A private home in Hancock Park, which originally housed mission bells from the late 1700s called “Casa de las Campanas” is a good ornate residential example of this style. The Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood shows the style applied to a commercial structure and the Hollywood Playhouse, now the Avalon nightclub on Vine Street, is even more elaborate in decoration.

A wonderful local example is Engine Co. 56 on Rowena Avenue, a designated Historic-Cultural Monument and what is now the Edendale Grill. Elements of classical architecture are also seen here in the archway and columns creating a hybrid and yet another variation of the Spanish style.

Karen Numme, holds the title of Master of Architecture and Landscape Architecture and is a realtor with Keller Williams Realty in Los Feliz. http://www.karennumme.com

Laura Massino Smith holds a Master of Architectural History degree, is an Architectural Historian and author of a series of guidebooks of Los Angeles architecture. She is also the director of Architecture Tours L.A. http://www.architecturetoursla.com

Los Feliz Ledger September 08


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