Griffith Park Becomes Historic-Cultural Monument #942

January 31, 2009
On January 27, the Los Angeles City Council unanimously approved Historic-Cultural Monument status for Griffith Park. Councilmember Tom LaBonge expressed strong support for the designation, publicly recognizing the Griffith J. Griffith Trust and a broad coalition of park advocates and community organizations that supported the nomination. The Park will become the City’s Historic-Cultural Monument #942.

While many other City parks and park buildings have been designated as Historic-Cultural Monuments — including Echo Park, MacArthur Park, Wattles Park, and Barnsdall Art Park, the complexity, significance and sheer size of Griffith Park have made its designation a significant milestone for preservation in Los Angeles.

Established in 1896, this 4,218-acre City of Los Angeles park is one of the largest urban parks in the nation. The proposed Griffith Park historic monument was formed in 1896 by the donation of private land owned by Colonel Griffith J. Griffith and his wife to the City of Los Angeles as a gift for use as parkland. Griffith Van Griffith, Col. Griffith’s great-grandson, helped lead the effort for historic designation, commissioning the nomination on behalf of the Griffith J. Griffith Trust and speaking at multiple public hearings.

Excerpt from City of Los Angeles/Dept.of City Planning Newsletter

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