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Wells Fargo Announces Fast Track Short Sale 60days

February 26, 2010

I’m still reeling from the announcement at my Keller Williams Office in Los Feliz by Wells Fargo. They are the only ones listening to us all. I am in the midst of a 6mos. short sale that is horrendous. There is just no excuse for my client to have to wait 6mos. to purchase a home that we have been in escrow with since basically day 1. So about this new program. You are dealing with one contact program who knows about sale, who is there for questions and answers. Your commission is a min. of 6% and sometimes more. The second lender will be given 10% of first lenders monies. This will immediately eliminate months from the process. Prospective clients will get a personal interview and will be approved or not -right away.No lost papers, no stalling.

We are all watching and hoping this is all true. It seems extremely plausible as Wells Fargo seems to have covered all bases in designing the program.

Wells Fargo gets a thumbs up from my perspective.



February 18, 2010


REALTORĀ® Magazine-Daily News-Luxury Homes in Foreclosure Go to Auction

February 12, 2010


via REALTORĀ® Magazine-Daily News-Luxury Homes in Foreclosure Go to Auction.