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Pet Friendly Tips from Jet Blue

May 15, 2010

Here are three free resources JetBlue offers travelers with pets:

1) The JetPaws Travel Guide If you’re looking for “the what’s, where’s, when’s and how’s” of “jetting” with your pet, the JetPaws Travel Guide offers great information on JetBlue’s pet jetting policy. They even have pet-friendly hotels, restaurants and animal hospitals listed for their major hubs to ensure that you and your pet will enjoy a purr-fect stay.

2) JetPaws Pet Travel Checklist Want to hit the tarmac running with your best four-legged friend? The JetPaws Pet Travel Checklist gives you a rundown of what you’ll need in order to hop on a flight with JetBlue and get on your way. Use this handy checklist on your day of departure to keep everything organized and your pre-travel jitters away.

3) JetBlue PettiquetteTM Need to keep up with the McTerriers? Look no further than JetBlue’s PettiquetteTM page, a handy list of social graces for pet travel. Need to look the part? JetBlue’s got you covered. Online you can purchase a special JetBlue line of pet travel products made by Cindy Adams from Jazzy Park Avenue Dog