Home Staging with Style & Elegance

Home Staging with Style & Elegance


Staged houses sell 50%faster and for higher asking prices.

The buzzword especially in this real estate market is staging. What exactly is a staged home? It’s a home that speaks to its buyers. Telling them how wonderful it would be to entertain their guests in the living room or BBQ on the patio or sit down to family dinners. Making them feel like they could easily move in and live their dream.

In actuality only 10% of the public can visualize the potential of a property. That is why it is so important for realtors to encourage their buyers to understand the value of staging a home. You want to create the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time.

Using a professional stager, a person who brings sophisticated design skills and the ability to make the property appeal to a wide range of buyers is the first choice but not always possible. As a realtor there are certain basic principles that can help your buyer maximize the sale of their home. This may not be easy if your clients have been living in the home for a long time. But, as their realtor you need to explain to your clients that location, staging and pricing are the key points to selling their home. And staging their home will attract more buyers. When you list your client’s home you should discuss with them as soon as possible the following steps that need to be taken to make their home highly sellable.

1. Clean, Clean, Clean the home from top to bottom. Rugs, furniture, windows, floors, corners, under appliances and counter tops
2. Glue any peeling wallpaper
3. Paint where paint has chipped if it’s obvious to the naked eye
4. Use a fix it person and make sure doors and windows open and close.
5. Check that cupboards and closet doors close properly
6. Make the home look spacious.
a. Remove all personal objects: pictures, religious items & family photos.
b. Remove all items from counter tops.
c. Store oversized pieces of furniture
d. Store extra pieces of furniture e.g. second coffee table.
e. Let light in – open blinds & curtains
f. Make the beds
g. Put fresh towels in the bathroom
h. Light candles, spray air freshener, burn incense
i. Turn on background music (not loud)
j. Turn on light fixtures
k. Keep hallways clutter free
l. Clean out closets. Take out extra clothing so that they look roomy

Karen Numme

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